“We wanted Sir Paul McCartney ... but you would be our next choice!”

British Consulate in SF

“You guys are so incredibly awesome!!!! Thank you for making it a great party!!!!”

Miriam Leigh Storch

CSI America

“You made this Ultimate Dining by far the best in our history!”

Andrea Gallagher


Senior Concerns

“You guys did an amazing job! It was like hearing the actual Beatles! You made everything so easy in terms of load in-load out, etc.  It was such a pleasure to work with you.  I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from attendees about how great the music was.”

Janet Young

Director of Development

Senior Concerns

“Thank you!!! Seriously, the band praise keeps rolling in!!!  Thanks for helping make it so memorable!”

Jacqueline VanDine


“I was so stunned by the performance that I could  barely raise my camera off my lap.  I felt tears well up in my eyes.”

The Dude


“You were all magnificent! Kind of eerie in a way to be transformed back 50 years to the Way it Was. In fact at times better, than the Way it Was!”

Ivor Davis


London Daily Express

Traveled with The Beatles during their first US Tour 1964

Author: “The Beatles and Me On Tour”

“The Sun Kings have the innate ability to create an immediate community, whenever or wherever they play. Look around to see long-time fans in warm embrace, joyously singing to the soundtrack of their lives, dancing fearlessly….with their sets loaded with peak moments, their dazzling harmonies leading each ascent, the Sun Kings only flaw is that they eventually have to stop the celebration, pack up the gear, and bring their magic to another town, while we revel in their abandon and pick up the pieces.”

Tom Stack

Lafayette’s Town Hall Theatre Board VP

Art & Wine Festival Stage MC

“ YES! YES! YES!  Yes to The Sun Kings! A lot of Beatles bands  miss the point...it’s fun music! You guys have fun! Drew, you really have Lennon’s voice down!”

Greg Kihn & Chris Jackson

KFOX -FM San Jose/San Francisco

“ I’d heard this was a good band.  The quintet remarkably hit the mark.  Singer/guitarist Drew Harrison provided the most Beatlesque presence, with his John Lennon visage and vocals that were strong in diction and emotion”

Beth Peerless

Monterey Herald

“The Sun Kings are the best Beatles band i’ve ever heard, and that includes the original Beatlemania cast, circa 1977.”

Scott Lettieri

KGO Radio

San Francisco

“You guys were AWESOME!!  All our listeners loved you guys!”

Cammie Blackstone


San Francisco


Dean Goss


San Francisco

“No wigs, no suits, no fake moustaches...Just pure love for The Beatles’ music performed as authentically as you will ever hear!”                                                                       

Jim Ocean

Community Concerts

“The Sun Kings covered the Fab Four’s hits more or less chronologically, displaying an unflagging energy that suggested THEY could rule the world if they started playing originals!  You gotta love a band that has the stones to play “I Am The Walrus” live, and pull it off flawlessly, might I add.”

Damon Orion

GT Weekly

Santa Cruz, CA


“I closed my eyes and though I was in Liverpool in the 1960s.  The only band that could come that close to doing Beatles music would be The Beatles!”

Richard Freedman

Vacaville Media News

“They are stellar musicians who achieve perfection in copying The Beatles. Their harmonies are sublime.”

Steve Keyser

Steve Keyser Productions



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