“This ISN’T a band just playing Beatles songs in a “tribute” format. This is something different and I can’t find a phrase or description for it. The Sun Kings have dug into something else that makes this band’s performance riveting and takes your thoughts off “tribute” and into “performance”. Their renditions, being so true to the original artists, make this work beyond belief...really! I don’t see where you could get much closer to what it might have been like had they (The Beatles) been “unknown” and played out their work during the 60’s and 70’s in small venues. As you wait for the next note you are so familiar with over the past 40 years you are not disappointed: It will be there, true to form. What a band! I look forward to many more shows!”


“I saw The Sun Kings at Sonoma, CA ...

By far the best Beatles cover band I ever heard. The best part for me was hearing them do album tracks that other bands don't do. Gems like ‘Anytime At All’ and ‘Bad Boy’. Can't wait to see them again.”

                                                   Jim B. 10/2/11

See full list of songs here


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The Sun Kings perform over 150 songs by The Beatles ...

from Hamburg to the Rooftop!

Ask Me Why (live)

I’m A Loser (live)

Tomorrow Never Knows (live)

Back In The USSR (live)

One After 909 (Live)

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